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We are a new accelerator in search of innovative and high impact projects. Learn more about our company.


It is very difficult to succeed and grow alone, we have already gone through it and we understand the pains of the entrepreneur. You need someone to give you financial support, you need good engineers, designers, salespeople and growth hackers, and connect with key people who have the skills that can make the venture work.
Our company came up with the will to make new projects grow the way they should be. Many ideas die without even having the chance to succeed. We want to foster business growth and act as a leaven within companies.
Permeating and transforming for the better
Permeating and acting like a leaven. Growing, modifying, transforming and improving from the inside out.



Love and passion generate intensity and make the project develop much more.


The decisions come from the entrepreneurs. The teams have control of the project path.


For a project to succeed, 1% comes idea and 99% comes from the action.


We like to take more risks to do something innovative or different and bring more return.


It is the basis of everything. Comes before dedication, comes before profits. For us the ends do not justify the means.

Net profit

Good project has to generate profit or have a reasonable and feasible expectation.


Creativity, curiosity to do different.


Integration of technology to generate a better world.


Nobody does anything alone, to think that the group is bigger than the added individualities.


Leavening is the process of increasing, improving, transforming food, whether it be bread or beer. We are like leavening and yeast for companies.
“They acted as an intellectual leaven to the warrior slaves who had dominated Delhi since its conquest.”

William Dalrymple – City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

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