How the program works

Learn how our startup acceleration program works, learn about the methodology, processes and services that make all the difference to growing your business.


Already have a project or product up and running? Show it to us.


Send your presentation to us.



Our team of experts reviews your project.


Make a presentation of your project to our team.



If your project is approved, we will enter into an initial agreement.


It’s time to start growing, right? We have a few steps for your project to scale healthily.


We will look at the project and have meetings to know more about what we have and what is missing. This is the time to look at everything very carefully, so that we do not have problems in the future.

The review process is very important and can be a bit time consuming, however it will make everything easier from now on. Let’s try to answer all the questions before they happen in the future.


After a thorough analysis of the project, we will begin to design the future scenarios and choose the paths to follow with the program.

The planning phase is very important. Let’s define together with your team what are the best launch, marketing and scale strategies of your product, always thinking about a solid and ever expanding future.


Not only good ideas and good planning is born a successful project. The mentoring of people who have succeeded and know the stones on the way is very important for growth.

Our mentors will be focused on helping your project at all stages and decisions. Experienced mentors hand-picked to transform your project into something better and more profitable, and that will help you primarily in making decisions at key moments.


It is very important to build a network of strong ties with market people. This network will help you have better insights, make important decisions and build a profitable future.

Through our network, we will facilitate your contact with experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs, as well as with other companies accelerated by us.


A great project should always have great professionals behind it, and we’ll help you bring the professionals you need for your project. Through our talent bank, we will point out ideas people for what you are needing: programming, design, marketing, among others.

We also have a team of Leavening professionals who will join you in the project, be it consulting or hands-on. Through our experience, we know that these professionals are also key players in the success of the companies they have gone through, and they will also make a difference in your project.


No project can go forward without a good investment in its base structure. Growing depends on many factors and one of them is the ability to bring financial resources into the project so that it can take off.

The investment must have the return through a share in the company’s shares.